12 Level, SVC Compatible, Three-Phase Power Factor Controller with Graphic LCD Screen
  • Easy to Install and Use with 2.9 inch Graphic LCD Screen
  • Voltage, Harmonic Current/Voltage, Inductive and Capacitive Alarm Output
  • Generator Input and Generator Compensation
  • Intervention, Discharge and Settling Times can be Adjustable
  • Remote Communication with RS485 (RS485 ModBus RTU)
  • Manual Step Value Enterable
  • Single, Two, and Three Phase Capacitor and Shunt Reactor can be Connected
  • Turkish and English Language Option
  • Voltage and Current Harmonics can be Observed Up To 31st Harmonics
  • Power Factor and Cosine Values of Each Phase can be Observed
  • Capacitive/Active and Inductive/Active Ratios can be Observed
  • Total Energies (Import/Export) can be Observed
  • THD-V and THD-I values of Each Phase can be Observed
  • Creating Power Analysis (20 samples 9999 min.)
  • Current and Voltage Values of Each Phase can be Observed
  • Password Protected Menu
  • Same Aging in Steps