Over and Under Voltage Protection Relay: Safeguard Your Equipment

With advancing technology, the importance of sensitive electronic equipment is on the rise. However, these devices can be vulnerable to fluctuations in grid voltage. This is where the GKE-40 over and under voltage protection relay comes into play. Specifically designed to protect electronic devices with precise operating voltage values from grid voltage errors, it’s an ideal solution for loads of up to 40A.

Aşırı ve Düşük Gerilim Koruma Rölesi, Over and Under Voltage Protection Relay

Usage and Operating Principle

When using the GKE-40, there are important considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, ensure that the connections are made correctly to prevent any potential damage to the device. Next, adjust the high and low voltage settings according to the operating voltage values of the equipment you’re using.

The operation principle of the device is straightforward. When the grid (input) voltage falls within the range set by the high and low voltage settings, the device operates smoothly. However, if the voltage goes beyond this range, the device immediately signals an error. In such cases, the error LED remains lit, and the grid (input) voltage value is displayed alternately on the screen.

Error Situations and Solutions

Understanding how the device responds to error situations is crucial. If the device enters an error state (either due to high or low voltage exceeding the set limits), it first waits for the configured error waiting time. Afterward, it stops outputting power, and the error LED remains steady while the grid (input) voltage value blinks during the error period.

However, in the case of exiting the error state, when the grid (input) voltage returns to a value within the high and low voltage settings, the device resumes operation. It waits for the set error waiting time, then resumes outputting power, the error LED goes off, and the grid (input) voltage value is displayed steadily.

Settings and Controls

Configuring the device settings is straightforward. You can adjust the high and low voltage settings and the error waiting time using buttons like SET, TIME, UP, and DOWN. This allows you to customize the device according to your specific requirements.

Technical Specifications

The GKE-40 boasts impressive technical specifications. With a rated current of 40A, it operates at a rated voltage of 230V AC and a frequency range of 50Hz to 60Hz. Its protection range spans from 0V to 450V AC, with high voltage settings between 230V to 300V and low voltage settings between 120V to 210V. The error waiting time can be set anywhere from 0.1 seconds to 600 seconds.

This product is also robust, capable of functioning in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +55°C. It’s easy to mount and offers a practical solution with its three-digit LED display and terminal connection method.


The GKE-40 over and under voltage protection relay is an excellent choice for safeguarding your electronic equipment from grid voltage fluctuations. Its user-friendly operation, flexible settings, and robust technical features will enhance the safety of your operations. Remember, choose the GKE-40 to protect your electronic devices, and leave your worries behind.

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