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    A phase failure relay which is also known as phase protection relay prevents three-phase motor failure due to line or motor overheating. The relays are designed to protect the devices with sensitive operation voltage against failures due to line voltage.

    It is important to remember that phase failure relays do not ensure direct protection. These devices only detect abnormalities such as excessive voltage, low voltage, inverse phase order or phase drop. Then, the relays send a signal to the circuit breaker components. Thus, the phase failure relays help the healthy operation of the motor and increase system efficiency. Prevent any disruption due to failures. Decrease the electrocution or fire risks.

    Just like all other Tense products, our phase failure relays are manufactured from high-quality materials according to international standards. The relays have TSE and CE certificates.

    All Tense phase protection relays have technical specifications on the product pages. Please check the given values and technical details before product selection. By clicking on the link on the product page, you can access the user manual, detailed device operation principle, warnings for usage and maintenance information. This way you can choose the most suitable model for your needs.

    Phase Failure Relays (Phase Protection Relays) Comparison Table

    Product Code Asymmetry Adjustable Asymmetry Phase Sequence Control Non-neutral Adjustable Error Waiting Time Adjustable Reset Time  With PTC
    FK-01 30%
    FK-02 40%
    FK-04 30%
    FK-05 5% – 25%
    FK-05F 5% – 25%
    FKM-05 5% – 25%
    FKM-05F 5% – 25%
    FS-R 30%
    FKV-03 40%
    FKV-03N 40%
    FK-14 30%
    FK-14P 30%
    FKV-11 30%
    FKV-12 40%
    FKV-14 30%
    FKV-14P 30%
    FKV-24F 11%
    FKD-01F 20%
    DFK-05F 5% – 25%