Which Equipment is Used in the Compensation Panel?

A compensation board is equipment used to balance reactive power and correct power factor in electrical systems. Reactive power can cause problems in industrial plants, commercial buildings, and power distribution systems. These problems include energy losses, voltage drops, system overload, and low energy efficiency. The compensation panel is designed to solve these problems and increase energy efficiency.

A compensation board usually consists of the following equipment:

1- Capacitors: Capacitors are the basic components used to provide reactive power. Capacitors absorb and store the reactive power caused by inductive loads and give it back to the system when necessary. Capacitors have an important role in improving energy efficiency, improving power factor, and reducing energy losses.

2- Reactors: Reactors are another important piece of equipment used in the compensation panel. Reactors are used to limit the energy shocks of capacitors and prevent overcurrents. They also help protect capacitors against resonance events.

3- Contactors: Contactors are electromechanical switches that control the opening and closing of capacitors. They ensure that capacitors are activated at the right time for energy efficiency. Contactors provide a connection between the power supply and capacitors of the board.

4- Relays: Relays are used to protect and control capacitors. Relays provide protection by detecting overcurrent, overvoltage, and thermal problems. It also monitors the working status of the capacitors and provides safety by opening the circuit when necessary.

5- Voltage and current transformers: Voltage and current transformers make voltage and current measurements on the compensation panel. These measurements are used to monitor and analyze the power factor and reactive power of the system. This information is important for managing the operation and maintenance of the switchboard.

6- Monitoring and control devices: The compensation panel is usually equipped with a control panel and monitoring devices. These devices monitor the operating status of the board, display system data and make adjustments if necessary. For example, there may be an HMI (Human-Machine Interface) panel on the panel, the status of the panel can be monitored and adjustments can be made through this panel.

The equipment used in the compensation panel is designed to correct the reactive power in the electrical system and to improve the power factor. This equipment increase energy efficiency, reduce energy losses and ensure safer and more stable operation of electrical systems.