Liquid Level Relays PRODUCTS


Liquid level control relays are used in tanks and wells with conductive fluid. These relays measure the liquid level in these environments and enable you to automatically take action. The relays prevent non-fluid operation of fluid transferring motors or pumps. Thus, any negative situations can be prevented. Additionally, these relays extend the product lifecycle of the devices. The relays can be used for preventing overflow.

Liquid level relays are generally used in industrial fields. Water treatment facilities, discharge wells, tanks, boilers can be given as an example.

Since any problems during installation and usage can cause serious consequences, the technical specifications and user manual should be read and applied completely.

Liquid Level Relay Comparison Chart

Category Product Code Sensitivity Upper Electrode Waiting Time Adjustable
Liquid Level Relay SSR-05 5K Ohm – 100K Ohm
Liquid Level Relay SSR-05D 5K Ohm – 100K Ohm
Liquid Level Relay VSR-05 5K Ohm – 100K Ohm
Phase Failure and Liquid Level Controller SMK-03F <50K Ohm
Liquid Level Relay for Steam Iron Boilers SSR-09 <50K Ohm
Liquid Level Relay for Storage Steam Iron Boilers SSR-19 <50K Ohm