Voltmeter PRODUCTS


A voltmeter is a device that measures the voltage between two points on electric circuits. It is shown with the “V” symbol on the circuit diagram. The measurement unit is “Volt”.

Voltmeter is a very simple device to use. All you have to do is connect it to the circuit correctly. As its only job is to display the voltage that is passing through it, checking the screen when necessary would be enough.

Voltmeter Specifications

The device is connected parallel to the electric circuit. Since it has a high number of winding with a thin wire, the resistance is extremely high and the current flowing from the device is extremely low.

There are analogous and digital models. It is divided into two; AC and DC voltmeters depending on the measured voltage. There are portable and fixed types.

What is Digital Voltmeter?

Digital voltmeters are more commonly preferred than analogous voltmeters. The main reason for this is that digital devices can measure the voltage with higher sensitivity. Additionally, the exact measurement value can be shown on the numerical screen. A more durable structure is one of the reasons digital devices are preferred more.

Things to Consider In Voltmeter Selection

To find a suitable voltmeter for your needs, you need to list the properties of where you will use the device. Then, you need to check the voltage type and maximum and minimum measurement values. The measurement value must be within the device’s measurement range.

You need to think about your usage purpose and type. If you are not going to use it in a fixed place, you might need to buy a portable model. Also, a device with a wide measurement range will make things easier if you are not going to use the device on the same system all the time. Lastly, you need to be careful about the measurement sensitivity.

Tense Panel Mount Voltmeter Products Comparison Chart

Product CodeMeasurement RangeACDC
DJ-V960V – 500V
DJ-V720V – 500V
DJ-V480V – 500V
DJ-V360V – 500V
DV-DIN0V – 500V
DJ-V96T5V – 300V
DJ-V96S0V – 500V
DJ-V72S0V – 500V
DJ-V72DC1V – 300V
DJ-V48DC1V – 300V
DJ-V36DC1V – 300V
CategoryProduct CodeMeasurement RangeRegulator ControlCurrent Protection
Control Device with Voltage Protection for Servo RegulatorsRG-96K1V – 300V
Control Device with Voltage Protection for Servo RegulatorsRG-72K1V – 300V
Control Device with Current and Voltage Protection for Servo RegulatorsRG-72AK3V – 300V
Digital Voltmeter with Input and Output Displays for RegulatorsRG-965V – 300V
Digital Voltmeter with Input and Output Displays and Buzzer for RegulatorsRG-72EB3V – 300V
Digital Voltmeter with Input and Output Displays for RegulatorsRG-72E3V – 300V
Digital Voltmeter with Input Voltage Displays and Buzzer for RegulatorsDV-B3V – 300V