Digital Temperature Step Control Relay


Digital temperature control relays are designed to keep the temperature of the environments requiring temperature dependent control at the set value.

  • Microprocessor Based, PID Temperature Step Controller
  • Auto-tuning for PID Parameters
  • Sensor Type: T/C (J,K,S), Pt100
  • Selectable Control Type: P, PI, PD, PID or ON-OFF
  • Anti-windup
  • Maximum 20 Steps
  • Maximum 18 Hours/step Timer Setting 
  • Selectable Relative or Absolute Alarm 
  • Displays SET, Process, Step no and Remaining time values 
  • Cold-junction compensation for T/C 
  • Line compensation for Pt100 
  • Excellent Linearity with °C/mV and °C/Ohm Look-up Tables
  • Input “Offset” Feature
  • Password Protection
  • High Accuracy
  • EEPROM Memory to Store Settings
  • Optional SSR Output
  • Easy Connection with Plug-in Connectors