4 Tips for Energy Efficiency in Businesses

Energy efficiency is one of the trending topics in recent years. We all know the importance of energy-saving but it is sometimes hard to know where to start. Especially when it comes to production facilities, businesses and factories that need more energy than houses in terms of daily averages.

Although it is impossible to do everything at the same moment, there are few steps you can take to rapidly and significantly decreasing energy consumption and to ensure energy efficiency!

Check Your Base Load Consumption

Collect energy data from your distribution box, utility bill or meters to check your baseload consumption. If the calculated values are higher than expected, look for the underlying reason. You might have equipment failure that causes energy waste and additional cost.

Determine Your High Usage Period

The highest prices are calculated in the 15-minute period when your business uses the highest amount of energy for any billing period and this might sometimes be equal to 30% of your utility bill. It is impossible to identify this data by just looking at your invoice. But by using automatic meter reading technology, you can easily achieve real-time visibility and peak values.

Don’t Skip Planned Maintenance

Disregarding planned maintenance during production might lead to skipping maintenance periods and equipment failures. This will both decrease your energy efficiency and increase the cost.

Planned maintenance like not skipping your planned maintenance for all operational machinery and devices, periodically checking distribution boxes that distribute the main line to your facility and replacing the malfunctioned equipment will support your energy efficiency efforts.

Use Energy Efficient Equipment

Incorrect use of electric equipment that is mandatory and legally necessary for the industry and production sector might sometimes cause energy loss or over-consumption. Using the right equipment will help you to comply with the related laws and to save energy.

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