Digital Contactor and Overload Relays PRODUCTS


Digital overload relay monitors the current values and these relays are used for protecting the engines from high currents. These are mostly used in devices that operate at sensitive current levels. The relays continuously monitor the input current to the device and activate if the load is higher than the set value. The contact is closed and prevents any damage or failure on the equipment.

When we consider the operating principle, we can see that the digital overload relays do not provide protection on their own. You need to use equipment to cut the circuit in case of a overload relay alarm. This equipment is either fuse or contactor.

There are models that contain digital contactors and overload relays together. Also, the Tense Electronics product family includes a built-in current transformer, external current transformer overload relays and digital contactor only models.

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Product Code High Current Adjustable Overload Value Delay Error Delay Time Adjustable Internal Current Transformers External Current Transformers Over Voltage Protection Under Voltage Protection Asymmetry Protection Internal Contactor
TRM-30F 0,5A – 30A 0sec – 20sec 400V (Fixed) 265V (Fixed) 50%
TRM-03 0,1A – 3A 0,1sec – 10sec 50%
TRM-12 3A – 12A 0,1sec – 10sec 50%
TRM-25 0,1A – 25A 0,1sec – 20sec 50%
TRM-50 15A – 50A 0,1sec – 20sec 50%
TRM-100 40A – 100A 0,1sec – 20sec 50%
TRM-200 90A – 200A 1sec – 200sec 50%
TRM-300 190A – 300A 1sec – 200sec 50%
TRM-400 290A – 400A 1sec – 200sec 50%
Product Code High Current Adjustable Overload Value Asymmetry Protection Delay Error Delay Time Adjustable Internal Current Transformers Internal Contactor Shows Number of Using Contacts Shows Total Working Hours
KON-TER-12 1A – 12A 50% (Fixed) 1sec – 10sec
KON-TER-18 1A – 18A 50% (Fixed) 1sec – 10sec
KON-TER-25 1A – 25A 50% (Fixed) 1sec – 10sec
KON-TER-50 25A – 50A 50% (Fixed) 1sec – 20sec