Voltage Control Relay PRODUCTS


A voltage control relay is used for protecting the engines and systems by monitoring the input voltage values. Overvoltage, low-voltage, absence of phase, faults in phase order are identified. These are used in devices that operate at sensitive voltage levels.

The voltage protection relay continuously monitors the voltage to the device and acts when the input values are outside the set range. Thus, only the right voltage level is supplied to the system and damages due to voltage surge are prevented.

What to consider when choosing a Voltage Protection Relay?

Technical details you should take into consideration when choosing a voltage control(protection) relay are these: rated current, rated voltage, frequency, protection range, operating temperature, operating power, operating altitude, gauges, and weight.

And for adjustment ranges, it is; high voltage, low voltage, expecting errors, and if it has the feature time needed for breaking through error.

Also in order for it to fit the area you will use it in physically, you should also take cable diameter, start-up type, and installation type into consideration.

Tense Voltage Protection Relays Selection Table

Tense Electronics has classical and digital voltage protection relays in the product range and answers different needs. You can view detailed information on our product pages to make your selection.

Product CodeHigh VoltageLow VoltageError Waiting TimeReset TimeAdjustable Over VoltageAdjustable Low VoltageOver Voltage can be disabledLow Voltage can be disabledAdjustable Error Waiting TimeAdjustable Reset TimeNon-neutral
GKE-40230V – 300V120V – 210V0,1sec. – 600secError Waiting Time
GKV-12230V – 300V140V – 210V0,1sec. – 20sec 0,1sec. – 20sec
GKV-12F 230V – 300V140V – 210V0,1sec – 20sec 0,1sec – 20sec
GK-03400V – 460V95V0,1sec – 10secError waiting time
GK-04400V – 460V260V – 360V0,1sec. – 10secError waiting time
GK-04F400V – 460V260V – 360V0,1sec – 10secError waiting time
GK-04S400V – 460V260V – 360V0,1sec – 10secError waiting time
GKM-11230V – 300V150V – 210V0,5sec. – 20sec 0,5sec – 20sec
GKM-02230V – 300V140V – 210V0,1sec – 20sec0,1sec – 20sec
GKM-02F230V – 300V140V – 210V0,1sec. – 20sec0,1sec – 20sec
GKT-03400V – 510V 260V – 370V0,1sec – 20sec 0,1sec – 20sec
GKT-03F400V – 510V 260V – 370V0,1sec – 20sec 0,1sec – 20sec
DGK-01 230V – 280V150V – 210V0,1sec – 10secError waiting time
DGK-03400V – 460V95V0,1sec – 10secError waiting time
DGK-04400V – 460V230V – 360V0,1sec – 10secError waiting time
DGK-04F400V – 460V230V – 360V 0,1sec – 10secError waiting time
DGK-04PF400V – 460V230V – 360V 0,1sec – 10secError waiting time