Adjustable Multimeter with 71.5×61.5 Glass LCD Screen


Multimeters are designed to measure electrical values such as voltage, current, frequency, apparent power, and minimum, average, maximum and demand values of the load or loads in the system to which they are connected.

  • Easy Installation and Operation with 71.5×61.5 Glass LCD Display
  • With 3-Phase Voltage and 3-Phase Current Transformers
  • Easy-To-Use Menu
  • Remote Communication with RS485 (RS485 ModBus RTU)
  • It Shows Per-Phase Apparent Powers (S)
  • It Shows Voltage (V), Current (I) and Frequency (F) Values of Each Phase
  • It Shows the Minimum, Maximum and Average Values
  • It Shows Demand Values
  • It has Protects Voltage, Currents and Frequency
  • High/Low Voltage, Current, Frequency (Adjustable)
  • Phase-to-Phase or Phase-to-Neutral Protection (Adjustable)
  • It Shows Phase Sequence
  • It Shows the Minimum and Maximum Values
  • Password Protected Menu
  • 1 Relay Outputs (Adjustable)