Multimeter PRODUCTS


As the name suggests, a multimeter is a device that makes multiple measurements. The device can measure the voltage, current, frequency and apparent power of the connected system. At the same time, minimum, maximum and mean values can be measured.

In short, multimeters also known as avometer are the combination of voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter. The initials of these three measurements form the initials of this device. There are digital and analogous models.

What is Digital Multimeter?

Digital multimeters are the models that show the measurements on a digital screen. They can have different modes. These models are preferred more since they provide higher quality measurement than the analogous models. Digital measurement means more accurate measurement.

Another important factor to prefer digital multimeters is that analogous models cannot be mounted to the electric panels. Additionally, digital models can be remotely controlled.

The most advanced models can measure the voltage, current, resistance, frequency, inductance, capacity, conductivity, decibel, duty cycle and temperature values together.

Product Code Communication Current transformer included in the box X5 Ct-120 Ct-300 Measurement Range
EM-07 50mA-10.000A
EM-07E 50mA-10.000A
EM-07D 50mA-10.000A
EM-06 100-mA-5A
EM-72 100-mA-5A
EM-100D 1A-100A
EM-250D 2A-250A
EM-06DIN 100-mA-5A
EM-100DIN 1A-100A
EM-250DIN 2A-250A