Digital Temperature and Humiditiy Control Relay


Digital temperature and humidity control relays are designed to keep the temperature and humidity of the environments requiring temperature and humidity dependent control at the set value.

  • Temperature Measuring and Control Scale: -19.9 °C – +80.0 °C
  • Humidity Measuring and Control Scale: 5%RH – 95%RH
  • ON-OFF Control Form
  • Separate Outputs for Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Selectable Heating and Cooling Function
  • Selectable Humidity Increase/Decrease function
  • Upper and Lower Limit for Temperature and Humidity SET Settings
  • Adjustable Separate Hysteresis for Temperature and Humidity Settings
  • ON-delay for OUT in Cooling Mode
  • Input “Offset” Feature
  • Password Protection
  • High Accuracy
  • EEPROM Memory to Store Settings
  • Easy Connection with Plug-in Connectors