Frequencymeter PRODUCTS


The frequency meter is connected to the alternating current circuits and measures the electricity frequency. It is connected parallel to the measurement circuit. It helps to protect the system by facilitating the operation at suitable frequency ranges by monitoring the frequency values of the input current.

The simplest definition of frequency is the number of revolutions per seconds. If we use a technical term, it is the number of periods in one second. It is shown as “Hz” and measured in the Hertz unit. In alternating current, the frequency is the number of rotations of the conductor in the alternator. The alternating current frequency for mains is 50Hz.

These devices have three types: reed-type, analogous and digital frequency meter.

What is Digital Frequencymeter?

Digital frequency meters are the models that digitally measure the frequency and show the measured value on a digital screen. These models make a more sensitive measurement than the analogous models but the most important difference is to show the measurement with clearer values.

Although they are more expensive than analogous frequency meters, they are preferred because of their ease of use and durability.

Product CodeMeasurement Range
DJ-F961Hz – 400Hz
DJ-F721Hz – 400Hz
DJ-F481Hz – 400Hz
DJ-F361Hz – 400Hz
DF-DIN1Hz – 400Hz