Power Factor Controllers PRODUCTS


A power factor controller is a device that brings the power factor to the pre-set value. The relay controls the inductive, reactive and capacitive reactive powers of the systems and adjusts these values when necessary. Thus, high efficiency is achieved from the electric energy and energy usage cost is decreased.

Capacitors are deactivated or activated for an optimal setting. A sufficient number of capacitors are activated when the power factor decreases and when the inductive reactive load is drawn from the grid. When capacitive reactive power is drawn, the setting is done by drawing a shunt reactor. The relays continue to take regular measurements.

Some of the important things you need to consider in power factor controller selection are step number, supply voltage range, the operation location conditions and the menu indicators. Tense Electronics power factor controllers include three-phase, monophase models as well as SVC compliant, classical and thyristor triggered models.

Before making your selection, make sure to check our technical documents to find the most suitable products with superior qualities to meet your needs.

Product Code SVC Levels Mono Phase Three Phase Medium Voltage Communication Thyristor Triggered
RGT-12SVC 12
ROG-MT18 18
RGT-MT18T 18
RGT-08 8
RGT-12 12
RGT-12M 12
RGT-12H 12
RGT-18H 18
RGT-24H 24
RGT-18TH 18
RGM-07E 7
RGM-12E 12