12 Level Mono-Phase Power Factor Controller with LED Display Screen


RGM-12S reactive power control relay is designed to reduce inductive powers not used by loads but drawn from the network. If inductive reactive power is drawn from the network, it intervenes by activating capacitors of appropriate value. In this way, it tries to bring the Cos fi value to the desired level.

  • 7 Different Compensation Programs
  • Manual Compensation Option
  • Easy to Install and Use with 20mm. 4 Digit Led Display
  • Can Only Compensate Inductive Systems
  • Automatic Step Measurement
  • Step Drive, Release and Discharge Times are Adjustable
  • Voltage and Current Harmonic Alarm Values Adjustable
  • Over and Under Compensation Alarm Values Can Be Set
  • Voltage, Harmonic Voltage/Current, Over and Under Compensation Alarm Output
  • Voltage, Current and Frequency Values Can Be Monitored
  • Active Power, Reactive Power and Apparent Power Values Can be Monitored
  • Up to the 15th harmonic THD-I Can Be Monitored
  • Up to the 15th harmonic THD-V Can Be Monitored
  • Cosine Value Can Be Monitored
  • Power Factor Value Can Be Monitored
  • Capacitive/Active and Inductive/Active Ratios Can Be Monitored
  • Automatic Fan Output
  • Step Values Can Be Monitored
  • Same Aging in Steps (In Certain Compensation Programs)