18 Level, SVC Compatible Three-Phase Power Factor Controller with Touch Screen

Reactive power control relays are designed for the purpose of reducing the reactive powers (inductive and capacitive) not used by the loads and drawn from the network. If inductive power is drawn from the network, it intervenes by drawing capacitor in the suitable value. If the capacitive power is drawn from the network, it intervenes by drawing shunt reactor in suitable value. It tries to reduce the inductive/active and capacitive/active rates of the system this way.
It is designed to make more sensible compensation at the unbalanced inductive and capacitive systems with RGT-MT18 TCR (SVC) step.

It is suitable for use in compensation systems of renewable power plants, such as photovoltaic power plants.

  • Easy to Install and Use with 5 inch Touch Screen
  • Suitable for Photovoltaic Power Plants
  • Voltage, Harmonic Current/Voltage, Inductive and Capacitive Alarm Output
  • Generator Input and Generator Compensation
  • Intervention, Discharge and Settling Times can be Adjustable
  • Remote Communication with RS485 (RS485 ModBus RTU)
  • Manual Step Value Enterable
  • Single, Two, and Three Phase Capacitor and Shunt Reactor can be Connected
  • Turkish and English Language Option
  • Voltage and Current Harmonics can be Observed Up To 61st Harmonics
  • Temperature Alarm Output
  • Power Factor and Cosine Values of Each Phase can be Observed as Graphically
  • Capacitive / Active and Inductive / Active Ratios can be Observed as Grafically
  • Total Energies (Import/Export) can be Observed.
  • THD-V and THD-I values of Each Phase can be Observed
  • Creating Power Analysis (20 samples 9999 min.)
  • Demand Registration (Active & Reactive & Apparent Power and Current Demand)
  • Min, Max and Average Values of Current and Voltage of Each Phase can be Observed.
  • Real Date and Time
  • Password Protected Menu
  • Same Aging in Steps