Submersible Pump Control Relays PRODUCTS


As the name suggests, the submersible pump protection and control relay enables protection against any negative events on submersible pumps. These relays provide protection for the engine against any problems such as high-voltage, high-current, low voltage and low current. The relays prevent waterless operation and no-load operation. Thus, the relays ensure savings and increase the equipment lifecycle.

Since submersible pumps are used inside water, the possible electrical faults contain higher risks than the engines operating in dry areas. Additionally, the repair or replacement requires additional labour and effort. When the vital importance of water installations are considered, submersible pump control relays are indispensable for the submersible pumps.

When you choose the right submersible pump relay for your system, visit our product pages to view the detailed product information. Make sure that the equipment you use matches the engine operation and power values. View the advanced properties of Tense Electronics products.

Submersile Pump Relay Products Comparison Chart

Product Code Measurement Range Operating Voltage Operating Power Internal Current Transformer Internal Contactor Non-neutral Voltage & Current Asymmetry Protection Ability to Work without Electrode Star-Delta Contact Output Flasher Mode Keeps Error Records Liquid Sensitivity Adjustable Keeps Error Records Star-Delta Contact Output Flasher Mode Continuation from the Last Working Position Start Stop Report Engine Maintenance Time External Start Stop Input Adjustable Alarm Outputs Operating Frequency Selection
MDK-02 1A – 60A 140V-280V <4VA
MDK-03 1A – 30A 150V-270V <6VA
TDK-01 1A – 120A 200V – 470V <6VA 2
TDK-02 1A – 300A 200V – 470V <6VA 2
TDK-30 1A – 30A 200V – 470V <10VA