Energy Analyzer with 4×4 Digit LED Display


Energy analyzers are designed to measure and monitor electrical values. With the communication feature, energy measurements can be monitored and reported independ

  • Easy Installation and Operation with 4×4 Digit Display
  • With 3-Phase Voltage and 3-Phase Current Transformers
  • Easy-To-Use Menu
  • It Shows Per-Phase Active Powers (P)
  • It Shows Per-Phase Total Reactive Powers (Q, ΣQ Inductive and Capacitive)
  • It Shows Per-Phase Apparent Powers (S)
  • It Shows Cosφ and Power Factor Values of Each Phase
  • It Shows Voltage (V) and Current (I) Values of Each Phase
  • It Shows Total Import and Export Active Energy (ΣkWh) Values
  • It Shows Total Inductive and Capacitive Reactive Energy (ΣkVArh) Values
  • It Shows the Minimum and Maximum Values
  • You Can Reset the Energy Values
  • Password Protected Menu