Energy Analyzer PRODUCTS


As the name suggests, the energy analyser is used for analysing the electric energy on the system. Electric energy is especially a large cost item for production facilities. With Tense Electronics energy analysers, you can monitor and analyse the electric energy you use to ensure efficiency and decrease your energy costs. You will increase the lifecycle of your system with high-quality energy.

These devices also known as power analyser and network analyser measure, monitor and record electrical values. The main measurements include voltage, current, frequency, active & reactive power, inductive & capacitive power, apparent power, phase angles and energies of the loads. The devices with the communication property enable remote access to the measurements.

What to consider when choosing a network analyzer?

When choosing a network analyzer first thing you should check is which measurements it does. Afterwards you can start comparing other features between the ones that does your required measurements.

The first thing you should be looking for on this phase is how detailed it displays gauges. If you are going to take three phases of measurements it is also important that it shows each phases’ measurements seperately.

After you are satisfied about measurement capabilities, we advice you to check the side features as well. Such as communication, keeping track, user-friendliness of menus, gauge types and size of the device.

Tense Power Analyzer’s Comparison Chart

Tense Electronics energy analysers (power analysers) with high measurement sensitivity measure with low error margin. The devices have an easy-to-use menu and indicators.

You can view all the technical details of your communication and classical network analyser models from our product pages. You can easily find all the technical details to make a healthy comparison for your selection.

Product CodeTHD-V (%)THD-I (%)2 – 31. Harmonic (V-I)2 – 55. Harmonic (V-I)2 – 63. Harmonic (V-I)Neutral Current1x Digital Input1x Relay Output2x Relay Output1x Pulse OutputEvent RecordsCommunication