What Is an Energy Analyzer (Network Analyzer)? Where is it Used?

An energy analyzer is a high-tech product that is a control device. This instrument, when installed into your system, lets you check the values ​​such as current and power. Moreover, besides those values measured, the device lets you check the power and power factor, plus frequency, harmonic, and voltage as well. 

So, to sum up, the energy analyzer is the common name for those devices that are able to measure these values we mentioned above, ​​and also keep records about those.

At the same time, the energy analyzer device may also appear in some places under different names such as a network meter or a network analyzer. Plus they are called some other terms. Those possible other names include energy meter or energy analyzer. 

As one may guess from all these different expressions, this device is the one that “measures” the electrical energy used by either a consumer or a contractor service user and “displays” the amount. The user or the consumer usually chooses the device in order to check how much energy they use, in other words, control their consumption.

Enerji Analizörü Energy Analyzer (Network Analyzer)

The electrical analyzer comes as a solution device that you can use when you want to reduce your electricity consumption by a certain amount. It is a user-friendly product, beneficial for either small or big businesses or personal usage. 

In both cases, for big scales or minimal amounts, it creates an amazing difference. The energy analyzer helps you remain economic, save energy, and cares for environmental issues while it controls consumption plus reporting about the data it collects. 

Durability, Consuming and Energy Management 

That equipment you may find under the name of network analyzer or power analyzer becomes a must regarding keeping the energy quality nowadays. 

Just like this is necessary to make sure you check the quality of other subjects, the quality of energy is gaining importance for energy just like production and consumption, and the amount matters. Control devices like this product are needed for balancing the energy, and watching the quality factor when you use it. 

The quality, the balance, and the uninterrupted transmission are all of the great importance for electrical energy. It is very important for the energy sector and consumers, the distribution of electricity without any interruption. 

There are various devices specially developed for this aim, and one of the most important among them is the power analyzer or the network analyzer we have been discussing. From a general point of view, it is possible with this technology to ensure that the continuity of the energy flow is secure and you are able to monitor it; that is, to control it by recording.

When Do You Need an Energy Analyzer?

When to use an energy analyzer depends on your preferences or according to your own personal needs regarding your business or consumption level. However, today, energy consumption needs to be reduced in terms of environmental factors as well. 

On the other hand, energy consumption control has become necessary in order to contribute to budget planning as well as these environmental concerns about leaving the world as a habitable planet to future generations. 

So that, the network analyzer is located at the intersection of energy consumption with areas such as cost accounting and budget planning. In other words, we can say that energy analyzers are useful and necessary from an economic and ecological point of view. 

To achieve maximum efficiency while minimizing the energy consumption of either individual machines or large systems to which multiple machines are connected makes the aim of the analyzer. 

High efficiency for the machines within the system is among the objectives of all production facilities generally. High-efficiency parallel to a lower consumption level has always been one of the priorities for any manager in any different branch, and this target is to be achieved with an energy analyzer easily.

The issue of reducing consumption while increasing efficiency is becoming increasingly important today; this is the focus of various engineering fields already. Being able to monitor all aspects of your energy is the key point in this issue, which is one of the areas being studied for development.

What It Means: Monitoring with an Energy Analyzer

It is a feature of your device to monitor and analyze possible movements in energy. For this reason, it is considered a helpful and supportive device when it comes to improving the quality of electrical energy. For example, an energy analyzer is required to generate an energy expenditure report for a house or a workplace, or for a factory or any production facility.

A large number of values of electrical energy are analyzed and saved in report and activity memory by the energy analyzers. Nowadays, many different measures are made within the same device, and some devices also have an external communication feature. 

Ampermeter, voltmeter, and cosfi-meter instruments have now turned into hybrid all-in-one devices that measure and collect all data and report all the results and values digitally.

Enerji Analizörü Energy Analyzer (Network Analyzer)

Different values that can be viewed with a single device can be viewed remotely with the development of this new technology. Choosing an energy analyzer with this communication feature has been a very favorable development for the distant energy monitoring possibilities. 

These devices provide easy access for the user, thanks to their relay outputs, reduced size and long-distance transmission of the communicative signals. 

There are models that can be put to the electrical panel’s covers and they are easily utilized in harmony with any smart energy monitoring application. Designed to increase efficiency, this appliance has now an extremely useful design as it has become a high technological device.

What Is the Difference Between An Energy Meter and An Energy Analyzer? 

When talking about the next-generation digital network analyzer designs, you may find a simpler yet similar device as well, the old version. The single-socket model, an old wattmeter device is the previous version of this technological appliance with limited ability. 

For example, it is possible to monitor some consumption values ​​of a household appliance with this simple design usually called an energy meter or wattmeter. This single operating piece has been produced with only one socket so that it is targeting minimal use and minimal monitoring. 

You can easily find them on online shopping sites if you need them for simple tasks. However, the next-generation version, a commercial or large-scale analyzer has long surpassed this small basic design.

It has been so in such a manner that choosing the energy analyzer you need to use is a thing to consider. Plus according to your needs, it now becomes more complicated to pick the right device. To determine which features to choose, you can set out with questions that are appropriate for your business. 

For example, do you need the remote communication feature of the device? What values ​​do you want to measure with the device installed? Do you need measuring from a single-phase or three phases? Is the harmonic display feature necessary for you or to what level do you need to measure? With features like these, finding the right hardware for you and meeting the international standards you need (if necessary) are all among the things you need to be careful about.

What is the Importance and Function of the Energy Analyzer?

The energy analyzer can be used in many places, in many systems from cooling systems to lighting units, in compressors and motors, for personal usage or for industrial benefits. 

Devices measuring power values and factor, average and maximum power, expenditure per hour or frequency are used for parameters required in industrial establishments for example.

The feature of recording all to a memory or transmitting to another distant system is also important for the facilities. The use of these advanced technology analyzers in industrial facilities and power lines is of great importance in preventing many problems and responding to any failure or malfunctions immediately. 

In detecting overloading systems or hidden consumption problems; increasing efficiency, and improving economy and quality; it gains a great function in the monitoring of each unit operating in the system or hidden consumption.

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