DIN Type Energy Analyzer with 53×31 Glass LCD Screen


Energy analyzers are designed to measure and monitor electrical values. With the communication feature, energy measurements can be monitored and reported independently. With energy analyzers, analyzes such as energy quality, efficiency and unit cost calculation can be performed.

  • Easy Installation and Operation with 53×31 Glass LCD Display
  • With 3-Phase Voltage and 3-Phase Current Transformers
  • Easy-To-Use Menu
  • It Shows Voltage and Current Harmonics Up To 31st Harmonics
  • Remote Communication with RS485 (RS485 ModBus RTU)
  • It Shows Per-Phase Active Powers (P)
  • It Shows Per-Phase Reactive Powers (Q, Inductive and Capacitive)
  • It Shows Per-Phase Apparent Powers (S)
  • It Shows Cosφ and Power Factor Values of Each Phase
  • It Shows Voltage (V) and Current (I) Values of Each Phase
  • It Shows Total Import and Export Active Energy (ΣkWh) Values
  • It Shows Total Inductive and Capacitive Reactive Energy (ΣkVArh) Values
  • It Shows the Minimum and Maximum Values
  • It Shows Demand Values
  • You Can Reset the Energy Values
  • Password Protected Menu
  • 1 Relay Outputs (Adjustable)
  • Event Records (High/Low Voltage/Current, Voltage/Current Imbalance, THD-I)