Time relays are components for automatic start-up and cut-off with certain periods in the application. The contact position changes to energise or cut-off the coil. The relays are designed to be used for time-dependent control requirements (industry, housing, factory etc.).

Based on the operation principle, there are “on-delay time relays” and “off-delay time relays”. There are traditional models working with a piston and completely electronic digital time relays.

In time relay selection, supply voltage, number of contacts, permitted time interval and ease of use should be considered. Visible indicator light or screen is also important. If the ambient temperature of the operation area is high or low, this temperature value should be considered in time relay selection.

After determining the suitable values and criteria for you, you can compare the detailed information on our product pages to select the most suitable product for your needs. Also, it is better to check the user manuals given as a link on our product pages.

Product Code Time With Socket Panel Type 220V AC 24V AC/DC
ER-30 0,1sec-30sec
ER-60 0,1sec-60sec
ER-03D 0,1min-3min
ER-12D 0,1min-12min
ER-30D 0,1min-30min
ER-60D 0,1min-60min
ERV-03 0,1sec-3sec
ERV-12 0,1sec-12sec
ERV-30 0,1sec-30sec
ERV-60 0,1sec-60sec
ERV-03D 0,1min-3min
ERV-12D 0,1min-12min
ERV-30D 0,1min-30min
ERV-60D 0,1min-60min
ERS-03Y 0,1sec-3sec
ERS-12Y 0,1sec-12sec
ERS-30Y 0,1sec-30sec
ERS-60Y 0,1sec-60sec
ERS-03DY 0,1min-3min
ERS-12DY 0,1min-12min
ERS-30DY 0,1min-30min
ERS-60DY 0,1min-60min
ERP-03Y 0,1sec-3sec
ERP-12Y 0,1sec-12sec
ERP-30Y 0,1sec-30sec
ERP-60Y 0,1sec-60sec
ERP-03DY 0,1min-3min
ERP-12DY 0,1min-12min
ERP-30DY 0,1min-30min
ERP-60DY 0,1min-60min
Product Code Time With Socket Panel Type 220V AC 24V AC/DC
ERD-48 99.9sec-999sec
ERD-72 99.9sec-999sec
ERD-96 99.9sec-999sec
ERD-48M 599.9sec/99.59min
ERD-72M 599.9sec/99.59min
ERD-96M 599.9sec/99.59min
ERD-48K 99.9sec-999sec
Category Product Code Time With Socket Panel Type 220V AC 24V AC/DC
Start-Stop Relay ERV-ST
Industrial Dishwasher Relay TBM-50
On Delay Timer ERP-60DY 0,1min-60min
Flasher Relay ERF-09 1sec-100h
Panel Type Flasher Relay ERP-2F 0,1min-60min
Right-Left Timer ERS-07 1sec-100min
Star – Delta Timer ERV-YU 0,1sec-30sec
Off Delay Timer ER-DG 0,1sec-6sec